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Smartfeedback gives you a clear and comprehensive insight into the strengths and possible areas for improvement of your employees. As a result, Smartfeedback supports the growth of your employees and organization.

The qualities of your employees determine the success of your organization.

In order to find out where your employees can be further developed, it is important to first know where they stand in their development. What are they good at? Where is there room for growth?

Smartfeedback has been developed to obtain these insights quickly and easily.

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smartfeedback Applications

Smartfeedback is used for training and coaching. But it is also used as a tool for development assessments and to support performance reviews. The flexibility of Smartfeedback also helps in other areas, such as recruitment or team development.

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“The quality of our people determines our success. For this reason, we we continuously invest in the development of our people. The flexibility of Smartfeedback helps us to develop our people very specifically. That motivates our people enormously. We’re achieving better results in less time and also at a lower cost.” 

for the employee

Smartfeedback gives the employee insight into his own strengths and possible points for improvement, so that the employee can develop himself. To achieve this, the employee fills in a questionnaire about himself. This creates the self-image. Inviting others to give feedback creates the feedback image. Put differently: how the employee is experienced by others. Smartfeedback is easy to use. It can be used online at any place and time.

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